Volunteer Winefest

How much time is left?

Thank you for considering volunteering to help with WineFest.
Friday, January 26th, 5 PM at the McGavick Center at the Clover Park Technical College.

Look over the positions then continue to scroll to the form below and let us know what you would like to do. Choose as many as you feel you can do. You will not be asked to do them all. It will give the coordinator options to fill the needs.

The form will be emailed to the event coordinator(s) who will contact you about timing and answer your questions.

Here is a description of the volunteer positions.

Administration Team Co-Lead: Team Captains for the administration team ensuring the seating chart is set up for 500 guests with locations, table numbers and names; security; registration (website); computer network is set up; registration packets are prepared and ready for check in; programs are printed and the audio/visual show is put together, set up and plays. You will have a team to assist as well as contracted help.

Fund Raising Team Co-Lead: This team puts out the call for sponsors, auction items, and desserts for the Dessert Dash. It also coordinates for wineries to be present for tasting and wine sales, as well as beer sales. This is the team that makes the money.

Operations & Support Team Co-Lead: The operations and support team is critical for the setup of the facility; decorations; transporting and setting up the 200 or so silent auction items; bringing wine glasses from storage, washing, delivering and setting up; coordinating the myriad of volunteers during the evening (Key Club, military, Kiwanian); and expeditiously cleaning up after the event.

Seating: This is an extremely important job to seat 500 people at tables of 10 while keeping together groups that request seating together.

Registration Packets: Gather the materials, put together and organize 500 Registration Packets for an orderly check in process.

Programs: Bring together the different pieces of information and put together the programs.

Fund Raising: Assist with putting together a visual presentation to be shown during the event and to assist in the live auction.

Auction Items: Help to solicit auction items from businesses or individuals, gather them at the storage place, then help to put them together in baskets or groups for arrangement on silent auction tables the night of the event.

Dessert Dash: Assist in soliciting businesses and individuals to donate desserts then help to gather them up, deliver, and set up for the Dessert Dash during the event. We need 50 great desserts.

Wine Sales: Assist with arranging for wineries to be present with a portfolio of wines that will be part of the tasting and wine sales. On the night of the event volunteers will help with the sales table.

Event Set Up: Many hands needed to ensure everything is set up and ready when the guests arrive. You can volunteer as labor or if you have event skills, let us know.

Décor: Help with the design, putting together, and setting up the table decorations.

Greeters: We break it into shifts. Welcome the guests, direct them to the registration, answer questions, make everyone feel at home. You can pull a shift and still sit down for dinner.

Transportation: We need people to help gather the auction items, wine glasses, and various equipment, and deliver to the event site.

Volunteer Coordination: Assist with the oversight of dozens of volunteers to ensure the work goes smoothly.

Wine Glasses: Assist with getting 500 wine glasses from storage, taking them to be washed, and delivering to the event. Then after the event, round them back up, and deliver back to storage.

Clean Up: All hands will be on deck after the event making sure we get cleared out of the facility but we need someone to direct and make sure things go back where they are supposed to.

Winefest Volunteer