The Kiwanis club of Steilacoom was first conceived in 1993 to meet the goals of community service and outreach. MG John Hemphill, USA Ret, Wolf Fletter, Terry Hulin, Dick Muri, John Inselman, and others realized that our community did not have a community service organization and researched to find which one would most fulfill the needs of the citizens of Steilacoom.

Because of its vibrant community service programs, especially those targeted directly toward the future of our community and children, Kiwanis was selected as the organization that would best meet the needs of the community.

Early in 1993 the first exploratory meetings were held and after much hard work the charter was presented in late 1993.

Thanks to the generosity of charter member Rosa Kreger, for many years the meetings were held at The Bair Drug and Hardware on Lafayette -- in old town Steilacoom. From 2002 - 2010 our regular meetings were held in the Steilacoom High School library; in part to facilitate the participation of teachers, school officials, and our Key Club members. In the fall of 2010 we moved our weekly meetings to the Old Pioneer Middle School.

Our club has been blessed with many fine members and officers over the years and we take pride in the fact that everyone has been willing to take their turn in leadership roles. This is a testament to the commitment to service our members display.


Charter Members

Harold Archibald
Lois Birt
David Bolesh
Marcia Bolesh
Michael Campbell
William "Mike" Dunsmore
Wolfgang "Wolf" Fletter
Daniel "Dan" French
Patricia "Pat" Gilbert
Mal Greene
Terry Hulin
John J. Inselman
John Jewell
Rosa Kreger
Loren Gilbert

John Hemphill
Edgar "Ed" Larson
Stephen M. "Steve" Lenzi
Kathy Lykken
Michael P. "Mike" Maddox
Vera Maddox
Norb "Ski" Matelski
Patrick G. "Pat" Moon
Richard W. "Dick" Muri
Robert J."Bob" Neilan
James R. "Jay" Randall
James R. "Jim" Richards
Carole Tinsley
Debbie Willis
Steve Wilson


Past Presidents
Charter President 1993-94
John Jewell

1994-1995 Terry Hulin
1995-1996 Jeff Lincoln
1996-1997 Vicky Lincoln
1997-1998 Dave Hopkins
1998-1999 Ski Matelski
1999-2000 Art Himmler
2000-2001 John Inselman
2001-2002 Duane Hardesty
2002-2003 Dick Muri
2003-2004 Shelly Shellabarger
2004-2005 David Langford
2005-2006 Homer Dodge
2006-2007 Bob Mize
2007-2008 Ron Lucas
2008-2010 Mark Pires
2010-2011 Fred Crumley
2011-2013 Harley Moberg
2013-2014 Jeff Bryan
2014-2017 Nancy Henderson
2017-2018 Mark Haskins
2018-2019 Ken Farmer
2019-2020 Ron Krogh
2020-2021 Connie Kirkpatrick
2021-2022 Pete Franklin
2022-2023 Sam Scott